Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing

What is Whatsapp Marketing?
Whatsapp marketing is to reach out to customers a Brand otherwise has no access to. With Whatsapp marketing we can communicate in only text form through 1500 characters. Other forms of media attachments include 2 MB video, 2 MB audio, 2 MB images, V Cards, and Maps among other. Such wide range of themes to communicate with makes Whatsapp marketing the most sought after marketing strategy.

Lead generation process through Whatsapp marketing has also proven to be effective given the low investments required. And also the means of communication is almost immediate and direct, as the user responds sooner than in comparison to other forms of social media.

The Delivery timing is in essential higher than other marketing activities, and delivery ratio also delivery ratio emerges as 90%. The content should either be useful or entertaining to engage the audience. Involving in it a personal sense of message helps to get the ad across easily.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Marketing in India:

Popularity Growth:
A brand must reach out to the masses to get the business identified. Whatsapp marketing helps that. When a brand uses WhatsApp marketing to promote their business or service, it automatically gets delivered to people's WhatsApp inbox. They will notice it no matter what. They don't have a choice to ignore it.

Time-saving Method:
Whatsapp marketing also saves a lot of time and efforts. Since the message needs to be typed only once and then sent together to the masses. It is a very convenient form of marketing. These messages are usually of short length; hence, they are easy to type.

The cost of WhatsApp marketing is comparatively cheaper than any other form of marketing. You can buy a lot of message credits at a very reasonable price. There are various package options available.

Increased Consumer Engagement:
A brand needs to have high social media engagement. Whatsapp marketing is one of the best forms of social media marketing as it directly reaches the inbox of many people. Whenever a business sends discounts or offers through WhatsApp, it gets fascinating.

Different kinds of Things:
One of the significant benefits of WhatsApp marketing is that you can send the various type of messages like audio, text, image, videos, etc. It will also help you to think creatively, and customers will enjoy reading them.

DND Doesn't Apply:
Many numbers are DND registered, which means for do not disturb service. You cannot send texts or call these numbers, but DND doesn't apply to WhatsApp marketing. You can send Whatsapp messages to anyone. It is a sage marketing idea.

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