Theater Advertising

Theater Advertising

Theatre advertising is our forte across Mumbai, Thane & Vashi. Theatres are loved across the spectrum in Mumbai, from lower income to higher income. Different shows & different theatres cater to Marathi, Hindi, Guajarati & English audience. It is an ideal medium to attract maximum visibility.

The city of Mumbai in particular is often referred to as the cultural capital of India with respect to films. As a result, the city houses an incredible number of multiplexes and cinema halls to cater to the insatiable thirst of the locals of the city. Top multiplex brands such as INOX, Big Cinemas, PVR, Cinepolis, and Cinemax etc. dominate the market, with over 150 screens between them.

Theatre advertising is often underrated and unexplored, but it is a great advertising venue, and quite cost effective.


  • It delivers your message to a captive audience.
  • On-screen copy can use full sight, sound and motion to increase ad recall.
  • Unlike radio Cinema is not reliant on great frequency to have effect - once with a good ad will be enough as the audience is so engaged in this situation.
  • Advertiser's company image is often boosted by the association with the movies on the big screen in full colour.
  • Because cinemas are located near or in suburban shopping malls and other high-profile retail areas, ads are positioned close to point-of-purchase.
  • Campaigns can be targeted by a demographic profile based on the geographic location of the cinema.

Cinema advertising in India offers-uninterrupted, positive and receptive state of mind of the affluent captive audience, precision targeting, and limitless innovative possibilities.

Showcase your brands in a larger than life format! Cinema advertising in India offer the perfect platform, both on and off-screen to be innovative in conversing with your target. You can portray your brand's USP on the large screen, include eye-catching promotional material at the ticket counter, provide sampling options at the snack counters, rest-rooms, lounge area, have interactive zones to engage your audience - the opportunities are endless!

  • In Theatre advertising, quick videos played at the cinema theatres. Theatre ads are played at two times, at the beginning of the movie and during the interval. Cinema is the most preferable entertainment media, which is preferred by a person from low profile to high profile.
  • The audience unable to avoid the theatre ads played in the cinema, which undoubtedly draws the attention of the customer about the brand.
  • Theatre advertisements are most promising in building brand name, improving brand visibility in the targeted areas.
  • Theatre advertising is mass communication, where a video is played over a short duration to make the audience understand the business.
  • Theatre ads performed according to your preferred theatre, preferred locations to meet your business requirements.

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