Metro Advertising

Metro Advertising

Metro Train Advertising is an effective non traditional advertising medium to capture the attention of your target audience. It is one of the most popular media in and is positioned well to grab attention of maximum audience. Due to this advertising on local train is highly in demand. Metro Advertising in India provides a highly personalized local touch to local audiences. Highly visible these attractive displays at railway stations throughout the length and breadth of Mumbai city across the Central, Western and Harbour rail lines are designed brilliantly to grab the attention of lakhs of commuters.

Advertisement has always been about capturing people's attention and repetition. And there's no better place to achieve both other than Mumbai Metro. In terms of ROI, advertisement with Mumbai Metro is second only to TV. With a hundreds km of track and spacious modern stations, you can be sure that your message is heard and repeated enough to breed familiarity. Thus enhancing brand awareness and ultimately get you what matters – more sales.

The benefits of Metro Railway Advertising through Advertising Company In Mumbai are:

  • High visibility determines that people actually read the advertisement, unlike skipping ads on TVs and using ad-blockers on the internet.
  • As 2/3 of metro passengers are daily passengers, metro wraps effectively reinforce the message, increasing brand awareness. So the next time when a person goes to buy something, your brand image will come into his mind first.
  • With travel time lasting from a couple of minutes to 1.5 hours, the impact your advertisement has on people is unparalleled.
  • Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertisement and the holy grail of any marketing campaign. Advertising in Mumbai Metro will compels people to talk about the brand, thus spreading word of mouth.

Why Advertising with Us

Vast Reach

  • Most effective way to capture the masses on the move
  • Around Lakhs of people commute daily by Mumbai Metro
  • Huge operational network, covering major commercial and residential locations

Captive Audience and High Brand Recall

  • Consumer are continuously surrounded by the brand
  • In Mumbai Metro, passengers spend minimum 5-10 minutes at the station
  • Good brand recall as the brand message is hardly missed by customers

Low Clutter Media

  • High concentration zone with superior visibility
  • Displays placed symmetrically
  • Displays present aesthetic ambience

Low Spillover and hence better ROI

  • Maximize the brand communication thrust
  • Segmentation of stations based on commuter profile and catchment area
  • The message reaches the target group it was intended for

TDI's Advertising Company IN Mumbai Portfolio

  • 150 Metro Stations, spread over the western, Central and harbour lines
  • 9 Intersection Metro Stations
  • 45 Metro Trains
  • Product display spaces at Metro Station | Inside train branding | Backlit panels at Metro Station | Train Wraps

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