Mall Advertising

Mall Advertising

Mall advertising and branding is the latest and fastest emerging brand marketing initiatives in the segment of OUT-OF-HOME media. Currently Mall advertising and branding is coming up as one of the most widely used of all outdoor advertising strategies. Mall branding is soon becoming the new style of brand advertising.

Mall Advertisements Come Along With The Following Important Advantages:

This marketing device is proving to be very effective as Mall advertising can be successfully used to reach out to prospective consumers who visit malls regularly for shopping, dining, movies, games or other entertainment purposes. When people visit malls they usually have lot of leisure at their disposal and so they tend to pay lot of attention and spend time looking around. The topmost advantage of Mall advertising is that these ads easily grab the eyeballs of potential consumers thereby impact fully conveying the brand message or slogan. The future of mall advertising is very promising with scores of shopping malls coming up everywhere in the coming years.

Mall Advertising Tools

The following are the tools used in Mall Advertising and Branding. The Advertiser can opt for all such tools for advertising or may choose the one which according to him will convey his message most effectively.

Backlit Translite

Commonly used outdoor advertising media is backlit Translite. A backlit translit provides a life like exposure of the brand and is an absolute eye-catcher and a definite head-turner. Being highly attractive they tend to create long term and very strong impressions on the minds of the viewers. Most of the backlit ad displays are placed at strategic locations to suit consumer movement. The sizes of backlit Translite vary. So, they can be made in such a way that they suit the ambience and location within the mall where the brand advertisement is to be displayed. Most of the outdoor advertising agencies adopt this media on a large scale. Outdoor Advertising in India these days is mostly dominated by this very trendsetting media.

Mall Baggage Trolleys

Branding solutions are also done through baggage trolleys especially at the airport (domestic & international) area. Brand owners stick their brand message on the trolleys in such a manner that they are clearly visible and recognizable by customers. They immediate create a lasting and effective impression on their minds. These messages though compact and precise never fail to hit the bull's eye. Being to the point they deliver the message right across, sparing the viewer all the unnecessary fanfare associated with the product. Advertising on trolleys is indeed an effective means as the brand message is clearly conveyed to consumers. It is more direct and so very effective.

Pillar Wraps

Pillar wraps are usually visible at the airport area or at shopping malls. This marketing tool is one of the latest introduced means of outdoor advertising in Mumbai, Pune and a few other cities in India. Through pillar wraps, all sides of the pillar and sometimes the entire lengths are covered by the brand advertisement. Pillar wraps are categorized under poster brand displays. However, this media provides a more attractive look and feel as compared to conventional poster advertisements. Very innovative, space - saving and superbly attention drawing.

Mall Advertising - A Great Choice To Make Great Impact!

Mall Ads are emerging as one of the most popular method of brand promotion through OOH media. As an advertiser Mall Advertising should be your first choice in case you want to attract a large audience and create a lasting impact on the mind of the audience. Reaching out to customers through this marketing device is easy because people visit the malls for shopping, dining or leisurely purposes and have the time to spare and pay attention to an advertisement. Mall advertising represents the new age mode of brand promotion. This marketing strategy is here to stay. So, make use of it and reap the benefits that it has to offer!

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