Joomla Website

Joomla Website

Joomla is Free & open source platform on which website are created. It is content management system and a powerful online application. To make content management it connects a particular site to a MySQL or MySQLi database which makes easier for the visitor & site manager. Joomla is used for all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications.Joomla is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable, and offers the perfect balance of power, flexibility and ease of use. Joomla is largest single site building platforms available presently for its unique & useful extension & templates available. Joomla empower site managers & Developers to innovate well beyond the bond s of a simple website for extensive set of integrated technology. Joomla is a robust set of tools that make easier to connect with visitors to data in a variety of ways, it is not a limited platform on which specific type of site is build. MTV, Ihop, etc are some of the popular brands where this kind of website are used. It has a capacity to carry out tasks ranging from corporate website & Blogs to social networks & E-Commerce.

Features of Joomla Website

  • Easy to use - Joomla is easier to use than any other site even then the Drupal. Joomla website require less of coding due to which it is not necessary to get depended on professional developer for uploading content any person can upload this at his own only thing you need to know about uploading a blog is to simply copy paste the content and hitting on the "publish" button. Along with this, most of its free and paid templates have a graphical user interface that allows users to change colours, layouts, fonts, and features without touching a line of code. It has in-build system which make work simpler.
  • E-Commerce Friendly – E-Commerce website requires a lots to changes after a site is built like uploading a product image, content, etc due to which joomla makes its worker easier. It allows us to upload without having any technical knowledge. Along with this benefit it also has another one like Virtuemart i.e. 3rd party components that run inside the Joomla. This gives several options like payment gateway, shipping, checkout, product management. Another one is RokQuickCart which provide facilities like add to cart, etc.
  • Search Engine – In Joomla Search Engine tools are in-build which make this site more valuable than any other site. Here the person has freedom of choosing his own metadata creation & modification, monitoring & keyword planning, sitemap generations, robot exclusions & menu creation for the support of SEO. The last line of joomla allow you to do basic SEO by yourself. And if you want, you can make your website more SEO friendlyall that you had to do was to enable them in order for them to get you better SEO rankings & if not that one can also download the best SEO plugins for its ranking inspite of paying money to hire an agency.
  • Multiple Languages & other advantages - Joomla supports the development of multi-language websites with over 70 languages through the language extensionswith the help of versatility & diversity. This helps user to use language they want. This feature is popular because it contribute enhance usability. Along with this other In-build functions such as plugin, HTTP requests restriction, GZIP compression and many more.
  • Flexibility –There is no limitation to make interactive and how functional one can make website in Joomla. Here those are waiting to add social media widgets into particular website to integrate social networking, one can have extension for it. Joomla provides extensions like Site management, editing, social, marketing and many more. Each extension is perfectly lable and give rating out of five star. Reviews among are one of this categories which include support, ease of use, functionality. Joomla has over 8000 Extensions.

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